The Gutekunst Name and its Variations
(or rather "Name Mutations")

"GUTEKUNST", as most of you might know means "GOODART". Interestingly enough some America immigrants anglicized their name to Goodart when coming to the US (traitors, Ha!). Other members of the family changed their name in the New World (or their name was changed by immigration officials) to GUTE, GUDEKUNST GUDAKUNST, and even GOODYKOONTZ, and its was wrongly translated into GOODRICH (in German that would be "Gutreich", but not "Gutekunst").

Few of you will know that there is actually a Gutekunst coat of arms.

In the 19th century had become fashinable among the bourgeoise to imitate the nobility and adopt a coat of arms.

Who ever was that Gutekunst who designed this coat of arms, or who had commissioned it, the the agricultural origin of his family had still been on his mind, since it shows a sheaf of corn growing out of the helmet, sided by a rake and a fork. On the shield itself the same rake and fork appear again - this time crossed.


In Germany, besides the name Gutekunst also the version Gutenkunst exists, it is however quite rare.


Coat of Arms of the Philadelphia Photographer F. Gutekunst (around 1865). The Lion suggests that he is descending from the Haiterbach line (see the Haiterbach coat of arms above).
  Coat of Arms of the Swiss Gutekunst Family originating from Haiterbach


  Further coats of Arms of F. Gutekunst of Philadelphia


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